ORSA Election Candidates

The Ohio Recreational Sports Association is arguably the strongest state association within NIRSA. We are passionate people who are proud of our programs, services, facilities, and traditions. The ORSA Executive Committee feels we have an obligation to continue to provide our association's members with the very best leadership our state has to offer. We want to thank each individual for taking the time to stand for office and serve our great organization! To learn more about our leadership positions and election info, click here

President-Elect Candidates: Michelle Rieger | Chris Crume
Student Representative Candidates: Hannah Giunta

ORSA President-Elect Candidates

Michelle Rieger

Michelle Rieger
Associate Director, Programming & Operations | Cleveland State University
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What do you believe is the role of ORSA?
In my opinion, the role of ORSA is to provide resources, opportunities, and support in order to set its members up for success. Development for students and professionals is the key to success for our organization. Providing opportunities for members to gain leadership experience, is critical for the growth of ORSA. The educational sessions provided at state and local events should be designed for members of all levels to develop and thrive. Networking is an essential role of ORSA for all of our members. Reinventing the wheel is counterproductive; using valuable resources to improve the wheel is brilliant. Sharing information, successes and frustrations with others helps everyone grow stronger. Having resources and having them readily available adds value and appeal to our organization. ORSA members should feel comfortable asking questions and seeking advice from each other. Knowing that no one is alone in this journey is a point of pride for ORSA.

What do you think the role of an ORSA Executive Officer should be and how will you positively impact ORSA by fulfilling this role?
The role of the ORSA executive committee and each officer is to lead and guide the organization in a progressive, positive, and productive direction. An ORSA executive officer should represent the organization in a positive light at all national, regional, and state events. Any successful organization needs to have goals, be open to change, and have a succession plan in order to remain on the cutting edge of its industry. In order to make this happen, ORSA officers should ensure that proper educational and developmental opportunities are available for its members. My philosophy is that good leaders produce more leaders, not more followers. I keep this in mind during every meeting, discussion, and decision in daily life. Whether an individual is in the field of campus recreation for a lifetime or if it is a brief stop on their life journey, ORSA can provide learning opportunities to all members. I want our organization to be a model for those across the country and I want people to be excited to be a part of ORSA. I feel that the coursework I have taken in leadership in my current PhD program as well as my many years of professional recreation experience have provided me with a vast amount of ideas and resources to lead ORSA and its members down the path of continued success.

What opportunities for growth do you see with the following ORSA events: State Workshop, Summer Outreach, ORSA Social at NIRSA Annual Conference?
The annual ORSA events have a reputation across the region for being high quality and greatly attended. With that being said, there are always ways to improve or to advance. Examining and redefining the purpose and audience of each event would provide valuable information needed to evaluate the growth potential. The ORSA Social at NIRSA is a great event. I would like to see an introduction to the sponsor for our new members who may not be aware of all the sponsor has to offer ORSA members. In the years I have attended the Summer Outreach, the event seemed to have multiple personalities. I think this event could benefit from defining or redefining; decide on the purpose and audience so goals can be set accordingly. I have heard from numerous people across the state that the educational sessions at the State Workshop are either not high quality or that there are a lack of sessions in specific areas. Considering the number of experienced individuals in ORSA, we should be bursting at the seams with quality presentations in every area. Through my years of schooling, I have learned that those with the most knowledge are not necessarily the best presenters. I would like to see a “How to be a Presenter” session at either the Summer Outreach or the State Workshop to help encourage and build confidence in our potential presenters. A public speaking session or group could also be a tremendous benefit to our members. I feel that the addition of the Aspiring Leaders Workshop will add value to the State Workshop. I would like to see the addition of a Leadership Workshop for our students or new professionals. Providing opportunities for growth and development will help with the succession plan for ORSA leadership.

Present and past involvement within ORSA, NIRSA or any other professional organization

  • ORSA/NIRSA Member, 2013-present
  • Professional Development Committee Member, 2014-present: student development opportunities and scholarship selection
  • Professional Development Committee Co-Chair, 2016-present
  • 2018 NIRSA Presentation Reviewer
  • 2018 Summer Outreach Presenter: Professional Development Roundtable
  • 2017 NIRSA Mentor Program: Mentor to a Facilities Coordinator from Texas A&M
  • 2017 NIRSA Presentation Reviewer
  • 2017 ORSA State Workshop Presenter: Opening Session & Business Meeting Presenter; "I’m a GA, Now What?"
  • 2017 Summer Outreach Presenter: "I’m a GA, Now What?"
  • 2017 NIRSA Annual Conference Presenter: "Viking Escape"
  • 2016 ORSA State Workshop Presenter: "Viking Escape"; "Networking 101"
  • 2016 Region III Lead On Planning Committee: host site general planning
  • 2016 Region III Lead On Presenter: "The Power of an Internship"; "Student Risk Management Made Fun"; "Viking Escape"
  • 2016 Summer Outreach Presenter: "Creating a Successful Pre-Season Supervisor Training"
  • 2015 ORSA State Workshop Presenter: "ORSA/NIRSA Scholarships: What’s it all about?"; "Networking 101: Creating Meaningful Connections"; "Group Fitness Instructors & Personal Trainers: Putting on the Perfect Performance"
  • 2015 Summer Outreach Presenter: "ORSA/NIRSA Scholarships: What’s it all about?"
  • 2014 ORSA Planning Committee: social organization and general planning
  • 2014 ORSA State Workshop Presenter: "Risk Management Made Fun"
  • 2013 ORSA State Workshop New Professional Scholarship Recipient
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    Chris Crume

    Chris Crume
    Director of Aquatics Center | Denison University
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    What do you believe is the role of ORSA?
    The role of our state association is to further the mission and vision of NIRSA on our home turf. We are a team of recreation professionals that work to further campus recreation and wellness on our campuses across the state. The state association should bring schools of all sizes together to learn from each other and support each other as we work to provide our students with the best programs, facilities and services we can. ORSA also plays a huge role in developing our students and young professionals. It is our duty to give them our knowledge and mentorship as we grow them to be the next generation of leaders for ORSA and NIRSA. As professionals we should constantly be striving to learn something new and ORSA plays a large role in that with our state workshop and summer outreach programs. By providing these opportunities, we strengthen our campuses, our state association and the NIRSA. Scholarships for students and professional staff are also a big part of what we as an association are tasked with. These scholarships provide our membership with opportunities to attend conferences and workshops that strengthen them as professionals, grow our state association and make the NIRSA a better national body.

    What do you think the role of an ORSA Executive Officer should be and how will you positively impact ORSA by fulfilling this role?
    The role of an ORSA Executive Officer is to provide vision and direction for the state association. This leadership role should be about leading our state association effectively and efficiently. The Executive Officer should be charged with keeping expenses low so that the majority of available funds can be used to help develop the students and professionals in the association. The Executive Officer should also be able to provide leadership and guidance to all of the committees but allow them to perform their functions without micromanagement. I would be personally impacted by this role by being able to guide, mentor and lead a diverse team of professionals and students as they look to further recreation and wellness on their campuses and their personal careers. This position would allow me to utilize my organizational and event planning skills in service of ORSA and the NIRSA as well. While it would be an assignment on top of my work responsibilities, it would be a challenge I would gladly take on as I would be learning daily about leadership and how to run an organization.

    What opportunities for growth do you see with the following ORSA events: State Workshop, Summer Outreach, ORSA Social at NIRSA Annual Conference?
    As a member of the NIRSA Small Programs Advisory Council, the biggest growth opportunity I see with all of our programs is reaching out to our small schools in Ohio and getting them more involved with us. Many times, our small school colleagues are one person shows and at times may not even be aware of the resources available from ORSA and NIRSA. One of the agenda items I would like to see is ORSA reaching out to our small schools in Ohio and inviting them to the summer outreach program and/or state workshop. Offer discounts or other promotions to get them involved. I would also like to see state workshops and summer outreach programs hosted on our smaller program campuses. This is a great way for our small schools to showcase what they do and get them more involved. This initiative may take some convincing on those campuses as many times small school programs are run through athletic departments and recreation is either not important or not understood. Another growth opportunity for the summer outreach programs would be the opportunity to host multiple programs like it throughout the state. This would allow more people to attend and get involved with ORSA and thus boost our state workshop and annual conference attendance.

    Present and past involvement within ORSA, NIRSA or any other professional organization

  • NIRSA Small Program Advisory Council-2018-2020
  • NIRSA Aquatics Community of Practice Convener-2017-2018
  • NIRSA RCRSP-Since 2016
  • NIRSA Member-Since 2001
  • NIRSA Mentorship Program-2016-2017; 2017-2018
  • NIRSA Engagement Coordinator – 2017-2018
  • NIRSA Annual Conference Attendee – 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • NIRSA Annual Conference Session Proposal Reviewer – 2018, 2019
  • NIRSA Annual Conference Session Presenter – 2018, 2019
  • NIRSA School of Collegiate Recreation Level 1 – 2018
  • IRSA Scholarship Committee 2008-2011
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    ORSA Student Representative Candidates

    Hannah Giunta

    Hannah Giunta
    RPAC Facility Operations Graduate Administrative Associate | The Ohio State University
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    What do you believe is the role of ORSA?
    Since the first state workshop in 1976, the organization has grown from only 25 attendees representing 12 schools, to over 200 attendees from schools all across the state of Ohio. I believe the role of ORSA is not only limited to carrying on a tradition created over 40 years ago, but to continue to grow and develop members from every institution in the state. ORSA serves as a medium for each of these institutions to get together several times a year, learn from each other, and develop their program, students, and individual selves as a whole. ORSA not only has the ability to foster creative thought and build relationships between members within the state, but has a responsibility to maintain the reputation as the greatest state association in the country.

    What do you think the role of an ORSA Executive Officer should be and how will you positively impact ORSA by fulfilling this role?
    Aside from the specified duties of an ORSA Executive Officer, I believe one of the largest roles is to maintain the reputation as the best association in the nation, and to continue improving the state’s presence within NIRSA. The goal of the Executive Committee should not be limited to keeping the tradition alive, but to aspire to be better than the best. Every single institution in the country should want to be a member of ORSA, and I believe the Executive Committee, and myself, have the resources to achieve this mission. As a first year Graduate Assistant with the Ohio State University, I have opportunities presented to me that many other students and institutions are not as lucky to have. I believe my access to unmatched development opportunities, connections with current ORSA committee members, and a large professional and student staff, coupled with my hard work, determination, and positive spirit sets me up for success as Student Representative and as a member of the Executive Committee.

    What opportunities for growth do you see with the following ORSA events: State Workshop, Summer Outreach, ORSA Social at NIRSA Annual Conference?
    I believe the ORSA State Workshop, Summer Outreach, and social at NIRSA each provide unique opportunities for students and professionals to learn, develop, and get to know each other. ORSA State Workshop is an incredible way for hundreds of individuals from across the state to gather, create relationships, and understand what it’s like for other institutions. Summer Outreach is a great way to introduce new students to the world of campus recreation, and markets to those not interested in a larger conference like State Workshop, while still providing opportunities to regain connections with others and socialize on a smaller scale. The ORSA Social at NIRSA allows for a much more laid-back, fun way of building connections. In many ways, connections built from these types of environments can be just as beneficial and strong, if not more. Every opportunity to meet others in the state or nation is a good one. Our association will never be able to improve if we are not well connected with each institution in our state and across the country. What are we doing right? What can we do better? Why do we do it this way? Would that work here? These are all questions that can only be thoughtfully answered through building connections with others, and encouraging association and committee members to branch out from what’s comfortable. Opportunities for growth don’t always present themselves to us—we often must be responsible for creating it. Utilizing said conferences and socials is an excellent way to create those opportunities, grow as an association, and continue to be the best in the nation.

    Present and past involvement within ORSA, NIRSA or any other professional organization


  • 2017 Summer Outreach Attendee
  • 2018 Summer Outreach Attendee

  • 2018 Annual Conference Attendee
  • 2017 NIRSA Region II Conference Attendee (Ponte Vedra, FL)
  • 2016 NIRSA Region II Conference and Student Lead-On Attendee (Atlanta, GA)

  • GRSA
  • 2018 GRSA State Workshop Planning Committee:
    – Attended meetings with several graduate assistants and professional staff, led by current GRSA President, Lisa Williamson.
    – Aided Josh Stewart, Assistant Director of Facilities, in securing tours of athletic facilities, including Stegeman Coliseum and Sanford Stadium.
    – Led tours of the Ramsey Student Center, assisted at registration tables, served as session monitor, and transported attendees to and from campus throughout the two-day conference.
  • 2018 GRSA State Workshop Sponsorship Committee Chair:
    – Secured over $2000 worth of giveaways from local Athens, GA businesses
    – Organized team of students and professional staff to stock bags with donated items
    – Corresponded with PLAE, Life Fitness, Matrix and several other vendors to organize equipment exposition
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