Membership, Necrology & Retirement Committee


2018-2019 Committee Roster

  • Autumn Cleverley (Co-Chair) – University of Cincinnati (
  • Jason Mandula (Co-Chair) – Cleveland State University  (
  • Melissa Albers – Cleveland State University
  • Matthew Parnell – Mount Union University
  • Kelly Shorter – The Ohio State University
  • Mitchell Miceli - The Ohio State University


To coordinate all areas of ORSA membership including active recruitment and retention and the notification of necrology and retirement.


  • Develop and distribute ORSA membership packets to all non-members within the state of Ohio including a welcome letter from the committee chair and president, school informational sheet, directory, membership information and workshop information.
  • Travel to non-ORSA member schools to meet them, introduce them to ORSA, and tour their facilities.
  • Review the membership and involvement trends of the ORSA and other related state organizations and report on a regular basis such findings to the President and Vice President.
  • Identify marketing efforts to recruit membership from Junior/community Colleges, correctional Institutions, and Private Recreation Centers.
  • Report on ORSA members that have retired, passed on, or changed location of employment. Any updates are to be reported in the next available ORSA newsletter and Business Meeting.
  • Keep statistical records of ORSA membership; provide information for ORSA newsletter.
  • Welcome all new institutional, professional, and student members to ORSA at the State Workshop and National Conference Business Meetings.
  • Develop a scholarship program for one professional and one student from the same non-member school to attend the ORSA State Workshop. Collaborate with the Scholarship Committee to develop criteria for recipient selection and requirements.