Honor Award


The ORSA Honor Award is presented annually to an Ohio recreational sports professional, “In recognition of their unselfish dedication, exceptional leadership and outstanding contributions to the promotion, growth, and development of the recreational sports profession.”

Congratulations to Jim Jamriska for receiving the 2017 ORSA Honor Award!


Jim's Remarks:

I would like to thank ORSA for this amazing honor. The state of Ohio and ORSA will always have a special place in my heart and I will treasure the countless relationships formed throughout my ten years in the state.

I had the opportunity to be a part of something special – Sean Ries, Rob Jech, Tara Britton, Steve Hardy, Nich Froelich, Travis Beetley, Brittney Crall and the Student Representatives were terrific team members who all had innovative ideas to enhance an already amazing organization. Also, a special thank you to Dave DeAngelo, who I believe is still reading off the constitutional changes from a few years ago. It was great to see the organization continue to grow and I’m sure the new leadership team will thrive.

I would like to add one final note. You have time. Believe me - you have time. I did not think I had time, but I did. I also had two supervisors, Kim Schmidt and Kendra Violet, who were always supportive of my efforts with ORSA. Serving the association was one of my career highlights – I was able to meet hundreds of colleagues and gain a variety of experiences. I encourage you to stand for office in the future. Yes, I am speaking directly to you. If you do not earn enough votes the first time, stand again. The leadership team hierarchy gives you the chance to experience a variety of duties in a short amount of time, without putting too much on your plate that takes away from your position and personal responsibilities. In addition, being on the leadership team is fun. The only drawback is Robert’s Rules, but that only happens at the workshop and the annual conference – a quick google search will make everything OK.

OK, so my final note was long.

Thank you all.

- Jim Jamriska

“Whatever you put out in the world, try and make it a better place.” – Jeff Cannta

Past Honor Award Recipients

2017 Jim Jamriska, Indiana University Bloomington
2015 Kendra Violet, University of Cincinnati
2013 Doug Curry, Miami University
2011 Joy Polkabla-Byers, Youngstown State University
2009 Sean Ries, Cleveland State University
2007 Dave DeAngelo, The Ohio State University
2005 Thad Long, Bowling Green State University
2004 Kim Schmidt, University of Cincinnati
2003 Award not presented
2002 Greg Jordan, Oakland University
2001 Greg Sferra, Slippery Rock University
2000 Pat Besner, University of Toledo
1999 Paul Milton, Kent State University
1998 Pat Kennedy, Case Western Reserve University
1997 Bills Sells, Ohio University
1996 Patti Holmes, Holmes Training and Dev.
1995 Sally Myers, Miami University
1994 Larry Spencer, University of Toledo
1993 Ken Kaiser, Ohio State University
1992 Dr. Tim Miller, Baldwin Wallace College
1991 Winona Vannoy, Kent State University
1990 Steve Kintigh, Texas Christian University