ORSA Committees


Committee Applications 

The committee applications closed August 30, 2019.  

Please direct any questions regarding committee involvement, structure, or responsibilities to Michelle Rieger, ORSA President-Elect, at m.m.rieger@csuohio.edu.


Appointed Committees

Appointed committees are in place to ensure ORSA keeps its past and future leaders engaged in the association. The appointed committee members should bring knowledge of past association matters as well as look toward the association's future.

  • Budget and Allocations
  • Constitution
  • Historian
  • Awards and Recognition

Ad-Hoc Committees

Ad-hoc committees are in place to focus on current ORSA programming needs and offer professional development opportunities to all ORSA members.

  • Educational Programming *New this year
  • Membership, Necrology and Retirement
  • Social
  • Professional Development (formerly two committees: Student Development and Scholarship)
  • Extramural
  • Marketing
  • Nominations and Elections

Committee Roles

1. Chair - The committee chair is an appointed position by the President Elect and will serve a two year term. At the culmination of the term, the Executive Committee with input from the chair will determine whether or not to extend the term. The term may be extended two years, but may not last longer than four consecutive years.

  • Ability to coordinate the day to day operations of the committee.  Including, but not limited to:
    • Hold monthly committee meetings
    • Create initiatives to keep ORSA current and relevant
    • Attend monthly committee chair meetings
    • Communicate all committee needs to the President Elect.
  • Willingness to present committee announcements at the ORSA State Workshop and NIRSA business meeting.
  • Ability to attend and speak at the ORSA Workshop New Member Orientation

2. Co-chair - The committee co-chair is an appointed position (selected from elected committee members) by the Committee Chair and will serve a two year term. At the culmination of the term, the committee co-chair will step down from the position. The committee co-chair may reapply for a position on the committee other than co-chair.

  • Availability to assist the Committee Chair in coordinating the day to day operations of the committee.
  • Willingness to assume all responsibilities of the Committee Chair in the event that position becomes vacant during the term.

3. Member - The committee member is an appointed position by the Committee Chair and President-Elect.

  • Must be a professional member of ORSA.
  • Previous experience, skill, or knowledge in the specialty area of the committee.
  • Availability to attend monthly committee calls.
  • Willingness to assist the chair and co-chair with all duties associated with the committee.
  • The time requirement for each committee varies.  members should plan on a minimum average of 5 hours per month dedicated to committee work.