Budget & Allocations

2017-2018 Committee Roster

  • Nick Froelich (Co-Chair) - Cleveland State University
  • (n.froelich@csuohio.edu)
  • Kayel Tidrick (Co-Chair) - Heidelberg University
  • (ktidrick@heidelberg.edu)
  • Brittany Crall (Treasurer) - The Ohio State University
  • Rob Becker (Past President) - Baldwin Wallace University
  • Stephanne Musser (President Elect) - The Ohio State University
  • Chelsea Phipps (President) - The University of Akron
  • Katie Gettman (Student Rep) - Cleveland State University
  • Wes Bonadio - Ohio University
  • Emily Piercey - University of Cincinnati
  • Mark Hoying - University of Dayton


To provide financial oversight of the Ohio Recreational Sports Association (ORSA) while establishing guiding principles that serve as a foundation from which both short and long-range financial planning occurs and annual budgets are developed and managed.


  • Develop an annual operating budget that reflects ORSA's mission, vision, and key priorities.
  • Executive Committee members will serve in an Ex Officio capacity and will not have decision making responsibility for budget allocations on an annual basis.
  • Executive Committee members will assist in developing short and long-range financial goals along with funding strategies to achieve them.
  • Ensure compliance with budget timelines:
    • The ORSA budget will operate on a fiscal calendar (July 1-June 30)
    • The Vice President will distribute budget requests by October 15. All committee budget requests are due to the Vice President by December 15.
    • The Budget and Allocations Committee will review and prioritize allocations based on ORSA goals and objectives and develop the new fiscal year budget by January 15.
    • The Budget and Allocations Committee will present an operating budget by June 15 to the Executive Committee.
    • The Executive Committee will provide final approval to the budget by June 30.
  • Develop a contingency reserve fund of $14,000 in the event of unanticipated financial conditions that may occur in any given year.
  • Work with the ORSA Treasurer to confirm appropriate record keeping and ensure policies and procedures for financial transactions are documented and updated as necessary.
  • Monitor adherence to the budget by actively reviewing revenue and expenditures.
  • Provide historical data to ORSA Committees as needed.
  • Ensure approved financial policies and procedures are followed.
  • Ensure ORSA non-profit status is maintained.
  • Review, modify, or change the goals of the Committee as needed on an annual basis.